LENSAINDONESIA.COM: The electronic visa is not such a novelty anymorex since more and more governments seem to adopt the electronic visa system. The reason, or better said reasons behind this initiative, is pretty simple. Countries want to boost tourism, and a simplified visa application process is one way to do that. Tourists are more likely to visit a particular territory if the process of getting a travel document does not take as much time and effort as going to an embassy.

What is an electronic visa?

An electronic visa is a digital travel document that is linked to a person’s passport. While it is regulated just like a consular visa, it usually provides the same rights as a standard visa. The validity period, number of entries, and the duration of stay may differ, but that is not always the case. A person can apply for an electronic visa online without having to go to an embassy or a visa center. If you are interested, you can either use a government visa service or a third-party company that handles visa applications and facilitates the process.

How to obtain an electronic visa?

The online application process is as simple as it can possibly be. The next easiest thing would be if visas did not exist at all. Even so, let’s not forget that this is a visa application process, and attention to detail is crucial.

The first thing you want to do is to check if you are eligible for an electronic visa when it comes to a particular country. Just so you know, the fact that a state issues electronic visas does not necessarily mean that you can apply for one. Each government decides which nationalities are eligible based on treaties and accords. However, finding out whether or not you qualify for a specific visa is pretty simple. Google can be of great help here.

Once you find out that you can apply for an electronic visa, you can move forward. Choosing a suitable online visa service is essential. Whether you want to apply through a government website or a third-party company is up to you, but keep in mind that the second option generally brings along more benefits.

When you are all set on the visa service front, you can start putting together the requirements. While the online visa application process is not as demanding as the process one goes through at the embassy, you still need to meet a series of requirements. The list does not always include the same things. It depends on the country you want to visit, so the conditions differ. However, one requirement they all have in common is the passport. After all, the eVisa is electronically linked to a passport, meaning that you cannot obtain the former without the latter.
Other requirements include an invitation letter, a return/onward ticket, accommodation details, proof of means of sustenance, travel itinerary, international vaccination certificate, and so on. While the list can be extensive sometimes, most requirements are easy to meet because they are accessible to the average person.

As soon as the requirements are met, you are free to fill in an online application form. You must be careful when you do that because providing inaccurate or incorrect information leads to an invalid electronic visa, in which case you are obligated to repeat the application process. To avoid wasting time and money, we recommend that you review the content of your form multiple times before you submit it.

If your application is approved, your electronic visa arrives via e-mail. Depending on the country you want to travel to, you may be required to hold a hard copy, so print it out before departure. We recommend that you print out multiple cases just so that you can have a spare in case of losing the document.***